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More scenes

Disclaimer: about 95% of you won’t get this. The other 5% should consider getting a life.

So we’re in CS lecture (this is with Prof. Papadmitrou), and one student in the front raises his hand and asks, “Isn’t the Traveling Salesman Problem not yet proven NP-complete?”

Papadmitrou turns around with a concerned expression on his face. “No, it is definitely NP-complete. What makes you think that?”

“Oh, I dunno. I just thought I heard you say it or read it somewhere.”

“It is most definitely NP-complete.” Papadmitrou talks for a few moments about why it is so. “I should know, I proved it in my thesis.” Then he follows it up with this smile.

Our jaws all drop._ Everybody’s thinking the same thing: this man is a _gangster. There is laughter and applause for a minute or two.