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Feeling awesome today

So for our CS188 (Artificial Intelligence) project, Capture-the-Flag Pac-Man, I’m responsible for writing a script that does some processing and analysis on a game board, simulating a Pac-Man agent (my other group members are responsible for far cooler things, like inference and heuristics, but humor me here).

I most definitely need at least several hours of computation time to get the results I need, but figured that I’d do best by dividing up the labor between CPUs. So last night I set five cores’ worth of computational power a-workin’–1 on my desktop, 2 on my laptop and 2 remote cores on Hsiu-Fan’s sweet desktop.

(Then I disconnected sometime last night from Hsiu-Fan’s computer, abruptly killing my processes. I’m back on using UNIX screen because I read I can remotely detach windows and processes, but I’m actually not sure if the process keeps chuggin’ in the case when your program spawns X windows and you’ve disconnected).

So humor me here, I feel pretty awesome right now. My room’s a bit warm with the sheer heat dissipation from my computers, but at least that negates the need for human companionship. Tally-ho!

— Edit: the joys of Python: