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I'm ready for the winter.

Okay, I confess. I’ve been daydreaming about winter break:

  1. Sleeping in.

  2. The laughter of friends.

  3. Taking a day trip with a camera to Monterey/Carmel (or anywhere awesome).

  4. Working (uninterrupted) on Wejoinin.

  5. Redesigning the blog? Updating the portfolio? (Good Lord, it’s about time).

  6. Kicking it with Jesus.

  7. Working on a few songs, and maybe trying a bit of recording.

  8. Reading, reading, reading, then writing, writing, writing.

  9. Spending the holidays with family.

And hooray! I’m finally done with interviews. I’ll be taking an internship at Apple this summer doing software engineering and Web development. I’m real excited about (and very thankful for) the opportunity to hang out with the cool kids.