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A new blog is coming!

I’m forking this blog in two: a design/development blog and a personal blog.

I’ll be keeping as my technical blog: if you stay with me here, you’ll find me muse about design, code and entrepreneurship as I come across it in my studies and in my work.

If you care about the nitty-gritty of my personal life, follow me at There I’ll post more introspective posts on my personal life. You might find photos of adventures I take with my friends, or you might be surprised with the occasional story or poem or song. RSS readers: you might want to add the new feed.

Xanga readers: you’ll be reading most of my content from my personal blog. You’ll probably miss most of the content at my technical blog (but you’re welcome over any time!)

You’ll see new layouts come up in the months to come, but please be patient. I’m way stoked to get this up and running.