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Designing the ThinkAnywhere Logo

In my IEOR190A class (entrepreneurship), we’re developing a business plan of a company making a device that tracks gestures on any surface. Install it on a whiteboard or a chalkboard and boom, your gesture strokes are digitized and recorded on any Bluetooth-enabled computer.

This device is actually implemented right now by our friend Leo Tran in one of his EE classes, using only an LED light and a Wiimote controller. It works by using the infrared camera within the Wiimote to recognize the movement of the LED. The Wiimote then broadcasts its data to a computer via its Bluetooth link.

ThinkAnywhere Design Sketches

Some concept sketches, just for fun.

Now in designing the logo for this product, I wanted to convey a clean feel for the brand. Smooth, swooshy gradients and simple shapes tend to work well for this kind of thing. So I built a chalkboard (the green) and drew our device mounted above the chalkboard. The yellow beam conveys the idea that our device works via camera sensors.

ThinkAnywhere Branding


The logo was built entirely in Illustrator. I went with a dark background so the lighter shades of the camera, the IR beam and chalkboard could get a “pop”. The font you see there is Colaborate Bold–it’s nicely given out for free.