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mmtss, a collaborative loop station

## mmtss is a loop station built for live performances. Let's make music together! This project simplifies a traditional loop tracking station and is designed for interactive collaborative music performances. …

UN Declaration of Human Rights (Visualization)

[![UN Declaration of Human Rights (Visualization)](]( This design was created from a Processing sketch that breaks up the preamble to the [UN Declaration of Human Rights]( and connects adjacent words …

Slavery Today (Infographic)

[![Slavery Today Infographic (Freedom Sunday)](]([![Slavery Today Infographic (Freedom Sunday)](]( An infographic for [Freedom Sunday]( at [Regeneration]( [Download as PDF](

Save our souls - a Twitter art installation

Here's how the installation looked on the day of the art show. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="333" caption="We mounted the installation on the inside of the Regeneration cafe. The Arduino lies …

Currently: frustrated

So I got the poster printed, and the LEDs currently show through the board pretty well. This is good: [![Printed poster, testing the light](]( But last night I spent a …


A quick update on the art project: * I switched from my normal LEDs to "straw hat" wide-angle LEDs. The viewing angle is much better, meaning also that I can …

The making of SOS: Intro

[![Save Our Souls - Logo](]( I'm starting a project for my church's art show that integrates Twitter, print design and light. I'm titling it "Save Our Souls". The theme of …