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Pitfalls to avoid when moving to async systems

I recently published a post on the [Carbon Five blog]( titled ["Evented Rails: Decoupling complex domains in Rails with Domain Events"]( that takes some of my thoughts about moving a …

Evented Rails: Decoupling domains in Rails with Wisper pub/sub events

One common pattern in Domain-Driven Design is the use of publish/subscribe messaging to communicate between domains. When [Domain Events]( are created from within a domain, other domains are able to …

Domain-Driven Design & The Joy of Naming

I want to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart, and what I believe is at the crux of effective software design. It's not a new functional language, …

Implementing DDD: Domains, Subdomains and Bounded Contexts

## Chapter 2: Domains, Subdomains, and Bounded Contexts A *Domain* is what a business does and the surrounding context of how it does business. It is important to model out …

Blogging through: Implementing Domain-Driven Design

In recent conversations with coworkers, the topic of Domain-Driven Design has arisen on more than a few occasions in design and architecture meetings. "Have you read it?" a coworker asked, …