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mmtss, a collaborative loop station

## mmtss is a loop station built for live performances. Let's make music together! This project simplifies a traditional loop tracking station and is designed for interactive collaborative music performances. …

Introducing Boink, a photobooth for the rest of us.

My friends were complaining that wedding photobooths were too expensive to rent. Could we make one for them? Glen and I from the [Porkbuns Initiative]( stepped up in full armor, …

Chat App - Frontend Prototype

[![Chat View - 1](]( [![Interview View](]( Some UI work I did for a stealth startup in early '11. Responsible for look & feel and frontend chat interactions. jQuery/UI communicating to …

BRUTE LABS UX project: StudentsConnect

I'm on a team with [BRUTE LABS](, a volunteer-led design agency working on StudentsConnect, a prototype project making chatroulette-style interactions connecting students from the global North and South. Here's a …

UN Declaration of Human Rights (Visualization)

[![UN Declaration of Human Rights (Visualization)](]( This design was created from a Processing sketch that breaks up the preamble to the [UN Declaration of Human Rights]( and connects adjacent words …

Slavery Today (Infographic)

[![Slavery Today Infographic (Freedom Sunday)](]([![Slavery Today Infographic (Freedom Sunday)](]( An infographic for [Freedom Sunday]( at [Regeneration]( [Download as PDF](


A quick update on the art project: * I switched from my normal LEDs to "straw hat" wide-angle LEDs. The viewing angle is much better, meaning also that I can …

AppStoreConnect UX

[![2. Dashboard: Reviews Tab](]( A series of UX workflow designs I did for [AppStoreConnect](, an overseas Android multi-market submission application. Completed November 2010.

Updated portfolio... sort of.

Since I'm in the process of doing some housekeeping around the blog, I've begun moving my [old design portfolio over to Flickr]( [![](]( This is sort of an intermediary step …

Work Series Graphics - Good Shepherd Christian Church

Part 2 of a summer series: [![Work Series](]( [![Work Series](]( [![Work Series](](

Wisdom Series Graphic - Good Shepherd Christian Church

I was commissioned to create graphics for a sermon series titled "Wisdom" at my home church, [Good Shepherd]( Some of the artists and leaders decided to go with a lantern …

Sensations - Negotiating Noise

[![Sensations - Negotiating Noise](]( I'm showing this and a few more design pieces at **Exposed**, Cal Christian Fellowship's art and performance extravaganza tonight. You can visit it today, April 26--the …

Designing the ThinkAnywhere Logo

In my IEOR190A class (entrepreneurship), we're developing a business plan of a company making a device that tracks gestures on any surface. Install it on a whiteboard or a chalkboard …

Today's Geek Hijinks

### Morning: Woke up and attempted to mount a Samba file share under Ubuntu. My Gutsy server in the living room is getting a second life as a backup file …

A new blog is coming!

I'm forking this blog in two: a design/development blog and a personal blog. I'll be keeping []( as my technical blog: if you stay with me here, you'll find me …


[![Sensations - Awaken the Dawn](](


[![Sensations - Rocks Cry Out](](


![Sensations: Sweet Jesus](