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Introducing Boink, a photobooth for the rest of us.

My friends were complaining that wedding photobooths were too expensive to rent. Could we make one for them? Glen and I from the [Porkbuns Initiative]( stepped up in full armor, …

Chat App - Frontend Prototype

[![Chat View - 1](]( [![Interview View](]( Some UI work I did for a stealth startup in early '11. Responsible for look & feel and frontend chat interactions. jQuery/UI communicating to …

BRUTE LABS UX project: StudentsConnect

I'm on a team with [BRUTE LABS](, a volunteer-led design agency working on StudentsConnect, a prototype project making chatroulette-style interactions connecting students from the global North and South. Here's a …

I Like Google Chrome

I have to admit, I am an unabashed fan of [Google Chrome](, the new Web browser on the block. Why? UI design that shows attention to detail and a really …

Yahoo! University Hack Day

So Hsiu-fan and I had floated the idea of doing a hack for [Yahoo! University Hack Day]( We had even polled some of our friends about it, and the consensus …