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Knex.js and PostGIS cheat sheet

As follows are some code snippets for using [Knex.js]( for executing Postgres and PostGIS queries. ### Execute raw SQL in migration I often find this useful for fancy SQL, like …

Building GPX stats through FRP principles with Bacon.js

With my current fascination with [tracking workouts and location-based-activities](, I have been interested in how I might be able to rewrite some of my stats logic with FRP principles. ### …

mmtss, a collaborative loop station

## mmtss is a loop station built for live performances. Let's make music together! This project simplifies a traditional loop tracking station and is designed for interactive collaborative music performances. …

Chat App - Frontend Prototype

[![Chat View - 1](]( [![Interview View](]( Some UI work I did for a stealth startup in early '11. Responsible for look & feel and frontend chat interactions. jQuery/UI communicating to …

Aristo, the shiniest jQuery UI theme of them all.

Let's face it: [jQuery UI skins]( suck. They're flat, they're boring, they don't pop. Enter [Aristo](, a jQuery UI port of the [Cappuccino Javascript framework]( theme. [![](]( Much better. Clone …

YUI 3 Widget lazy instantiation

At work, we make good use of [YUI 3]( It's a really well-thought-out framework, from sandboxing and deep namespaces to CSS3 selector support and lazy-loading modules through the Yahoo! CDN. …

First look at SproutCore and Cappuccino

One trend on the Web these days is to move away from traditional full-stack frameworks (like [Rails]( toward client-side, full-stack Javascript frameworks (among them [Dojo](, [GWT](, [SproutCore](, and [Cappuccino]( There's …

GWT vs. SproutCore vs. Cappuccino

I'm looking to develop a Web application with a full-stack Javascript framework like [GWT](, [SproutCore]( or [Cappuccino]( I'm making the decision to go with a Javascript framework over a traditional …