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Moving to Ember App Kit

I've noticed a bit of the buzz around [Ember App Kit]( recently and decided to move Hendrix, my music management app, over from a [Yeoman]( Ember app to EAK with …

Ohm gotchas

Here's a list of things that have been annoying, or at least a bit frustrating using [Ohm](, the Redis ORM, in a Rails app. Beware to those who assume Ohm is …

mmtss, a collaborative loop station

## mmtss is a loop station built for live performances. Let's make music together! This project simplifies a traditional loop tracking station and is designed for interactive collaborative music performances. …

Introducing Boink, a photobooth for the rest of us.

My friends were complaining that wedding photobooths were too expensive to rent. Could we make one for them? Glen and I from the [Porkbuns Initiative]( stepped up in full armor, …

Arduino and python-firmata

I just spent five hours trying to figure out why  none of the [Firmata libraries for Python]( were working over my serial connection. I was wondering why the previous program …

post-review, git-svn and Review Board

Here's how to set up the excellent VMware-developed open-source [Review Board]( and its `[post-review](` command line review creation utility to work with git and git-svn on your computer. My assumption …