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Decomposing Fat Models

Heard an awesome Ruby Rogues podcast recently: ["Decomposing Fat Models"]( Essentially, they're talking through Bryan Helmkamp's [Code Climate blog entry "7 ways to decompose fat ActiveRecord models"](, which sums up …

Speeding up Rspec/Cucumber feedback times without sacrificing coverage

[Rocket Fuelled Cucumbers]( View more [presentations]( from [Joseph Wilk]( One thing the Blurb devs have been discussing is how we can speed up our test feedback cycles without sacrificing coverage. …

HAML object references

Did you guys know that you can use the '[ ]' brackets in HAML to automatically set the id and class on a tag, kind of like Rails' [tag]( helper? # file: …

RSpec order-agnostic array matching

What's that? [You want to write an expectation for an array but your method returns the Array in a nondeterministic ordering]( Simple. Write: my_method.should =~ See the [source](