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Strange Loop 2015: Notes & Reflections

Going to Strange Loop was a huge check off my conference bucket list (lanyard?). I'd always heard about this slightly-weird, highly academic collision between academia and industry, skewing toward programming …

My own robot training buddy.

As an ultra runner, I am really into the mountains. As a software engineer, I'm really into data. So naturally, I'm interested in the intersection of both. I've particularly been …

Recap: QCon SF 2014

Blurb sent me off to QCon SF 2014 for three days. ## Notes I took a series of notes each day in attendance: * [Day One: Architectures, Functional](/notes/2014-11-03-qconsf-day-one.html) * [Day …

Speeding up Rspec/Cucumber feedback times without sacrificing coverage

[Rocket Fuelled Cucumbers]( View more [presentations]( from [Joseph Wilk]( One thing the Blurb devs have been discussing is how we can speed up our test feedback cycles without sacrificing coverage. …

Ohm gotchas

Here's a list of things that have been annoying, or at least a bit frustrating using [Ohm](, the Redis ORM,┬áin a Rails app. Beware to those who assume Ohm is …

mmtss, a collaborative loop station

## mmtss is a loop station built for live performances. Let's make music together! This project simplifies a traditional loop tracking station and is designed for interactive collaborative music performances. …

Chat App - Frontend Prototype

[![Chat View - 1](]( [![Interview View](]( Some UI work I did for a stealth startup in early '11. Responsible for look & feel and frontend chat interactions. jQuery/UI communicating to …

The making of SOS: Intro

[![Save Our Souls - Logo](]( I'm starting a project for my church's art show that integrates Twitter, print design and light. I'm titling it "Save Our Souls". The theme of …

I Like Google Chrome

I have to admit, I am an unabashed fan of [Google Chrome](, the new Web browser on the block. Why? UI design that shows attention to detail and a really …