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HAML object references

Did you guys know that you can use the '[ ]' brackets in HAML to automatically set the id and class on a tag, kind of like Rails'¬†[tag](¬†helper? # file: …

The making of SOS: Intro

[![Save Our Souls - Logo](]( I'm starting a project for my church's art show that integrates Twitter, print design and light. I'm titling it "Save Our Souls". The theme of …

Thoughts on rural computing in Botswana

I'm currently in Botswana, doing volunteer work at a nonprofit Christian agency called [Love Botswana Outreach Mission]( Among my responsibilities are helping out with the organization's IT needs. I was …

First look at SproutCore and Cappuccino

One trend on the Web these days is to move away from traditional full-stack frameworks (like [Rails]( toward client-side, full-stack Javascript frameworks (among them [Dojo](, [GWT](, [SproutCore](, and [Cappuccino]( There's …

GWT vs. SproutCore vs. Cappuccino

I'm looking to develop a Web application with a full-stack Javascript framework like [GWT](, [SproutCore]( or [Cappuccino]( I'm making the decision to go with a Javascript framework over a traditional …