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Web programming, interface design, Web design: Site in progress.

Wejoinin - Front Page

Wejoinin - Public Preview

Wejoinin - Home Screen

Wejoinin is a signup-sheet application that I’m working on with a group of friends at the Porkbuns Initiative. We’re trying to make signup sheets quick, easy and painless, and we’re having a lot of fun doing it too.

Site still in progress.

Good Shepherd Christian Church

Art & graphic design: Summer, 2008.

Wisdom Series

Work Series

Relationship Series

I was commissioned to create slide backgrounds for Good Shepherd Christian Church.

Graphic design, logo and branding design: April, 2008

ThinkAnywhere Logo

A logo for an entrepreneurship class project for a real-life Wiimote hack turned business plan. Read about the design process behind this logo.

“Sensations” Series

Personal art, 2007-2008

Sensations - Negotiating Noise

Sensations - Awaken the Dawn

Sensations - Sweet Jesus

Artwork created when inspired by a word, image, thought or phrase.

There’s much, much more!

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