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I'm ready for the winter.

Okay, I confess. I’ve been daydreaming about winter break:

  1. Sleeping in.

  2. The laughter of friends.

  3. Taking a day trip with a camera to Monterey/Carmel (or anywhere awesome).

  4. Working (uninterrupted) on Wejoinin.

  5. Redesigning the blog? Updating the portfolio? (Good Lord, it’s about time).

  6. Kicking it with Jesus.

  7. Working on a few songs, and maybe trying a bit of recording.

  8. Reading, reading, reading, then writing, writing, writing.

  9. Spending the holidays with family.

And hooray! I’m finally done with interviews. I’ll be taking an internship at Apple this summer doing software engineering and Web development. I’m real excited about (and very thankful for) the opportunity to hang out with the cool kids.

Feeling awesome today

So for our CS188 (Artificial Intelligence) project, Capture-the-Flag Pac-Man, I’m responsible for writing a script that does some processing and analysis on a game board, simulating a Pac-Man agent (my other group members are responsible for far cooler things, like inference and heuristics, but humor me here).

I most definitely need at least several hours of computation time to get the results I need, but figured that I’d do best by dividing up the labor between CPUs. So last night I set five cores’ worth of computational power a-workin’–1 on my desktop, 2 on my laptop and 2 remote cores on Hsiu-Fan’s sweet desktop.

(Then I disconnected sometime last night from Hsiu-Fan’s computer, abruptly killing my processes. I’m back on using UNIX screen because I read I can remotely detach windows and processes, but I’m actually not sure if the process keeps chuggin’ in the case when your program spawns X windows and you’ve disconnected).

So humor me here, I feel pretty awesome right now. My room’s a bit warm with the sheer heat dissipation from my computers, but at least that negates the need for human companionship. Tally-ho!

— Edit: the joys of Python:

Meeting Joe Hewitt

I shook Joe Hewitt’s hand today (psst, he’s the guy who did tons of Mozilla stuff but most notably built Firebug). I stammered a lot. But that’s okay, because I shook Joe Hewitt’s hand.

“Fanboy” says the Facebook engineer behind me, under his breath.

More scenes

Disclaimer: about 95% of you won’t get this. The other 5% should consider getting a life.

So we’re in CS lecture (this is with Prof. Papadmitrou), and one student in the front raises his hand and asks, “Isn’t the Traveling Salesman Problem not yet proven NP-complete?”

Papadmitrou turns around with a concerned expression on his face. “No, it is definitely NP-complete. What makes you think that?”

“Oh, I dunno. I just thought I heard you say it or read it somewhere.”

“It is most definitely NP-complete.” Papadmitrou talks for a few moments about why it is so. “I should know, I proved it in my thesis.” Then he follows it up with this smile.

Our jaws all drop._ Everybody’s thinking the same thing: this man is a _gangster. There is laughter and applause for a minute or two.


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