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Oh well! Lessons learned the hard way

I restored a database by hand from the Rails production log and the console. We had forgotten to run a backup cronjob (and good thing we’re stealth! Otherwise folks would have our heads :D) Shall never do dumb things like that (or run with scissors) again.

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Hello, awesome

Hello awesome

Only a geek could take a picture of his computer… and be proud of it.


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Thinking about writing a Rhapsody Scrobbler

Filed under “Fun Ideas That Could Take Three Hours or Three Months”

I want to write a Rhapsody scrobbler. It’s already been done as a desktop application, but I don’t want to boot up another application while I’m playing music. I want to do it as a hosted Web service.

Does anybody want to look into this? I’m thinking the design would be simple: regularly consume the Rhapsody user’s Tracks RSS feed and plug it into AudioScrobbler via its API.

A Web Site for Word Geeks

Have you ever compiled long lists of words you thought were awesome (don’t lie, I’ve met two or three of you)? Do you love words such as “phthisis” and “tantamount” simply because they 1) sound awesome and 2) look awesome? Do you drool at the possibilities of using them in some obscure poem/technical document/research thesis to the cheers and unadulterated praise and raw jealousy of your peers and professors?

Then Wordie is your Web site. Think of it as a social network for word geeks. Awesome.