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Hi there

I’m Andrew, nice to meet you. I’m currently a Staff Engineer at Lyft, overseeing Lyft’s organic acquisition strategy for our riders and drivers. I write often about how we try to build product-owner mindsets on the team by empowering engineers to act as product owners.

Prior to that, I was a Principal Engineer at Carbon Five, where I helped build some great products for clients like Stitch Fix, TaskRabbit, Guild Education, and more. I really loved my time with the great people here, and I reflected on my time here in my article, “Consider Consulting”.

At Blurb, I was a tech lead that transitioned into engineering management. I learned a lot from that experience, which I write about often and from that experience I apply as much to my current role. I’m a firm believer of the Engineer/Manager Pendulum, so don’t be surprised if you see me back in management one of these days.

I talk a lot about Domain-Driven Design, and I’ve spoken at several Ruby and Elixir conferences on the topic. I also love XP (the process) and pair programming (the practice), both of which I sadly find too rare in the industry these days. I’ve dabbled a bit in machine learning in my free time and a bit at work.

I also contribute articles for LeadDev, where you can read some of my writing.

You can find me tweeting (rarely) on Twitter at @andrewhao, or more professionally at LinkedIn. All my talks are listed on my Talks page.