Andrew Hao

Software leader & craftsman

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Empathetic software leader developing strong software teams, delivering products that matter.



Engineering Manager 2013 - *

Team lead delivering Blurb’s e-commerce features and author publishing experience. Led architecture team developing the roadmap transitioning the Blurb platform from monolith to a microservice future. TDD evangelist and trainer, spreading pair programming and clean OO design across the engineering organization. Provided technical oversight for Rails 2 to 4 upgrade project aimed to modernize the Blurb platform without stopping feature development. Hosted meetups with Rails, Ember, and RailsBridge groups to give back to developer communities.


Software Engineer 2011-2013

TDD Rails and Javascript development delivering e-commerce features at scale. Key player in transition from a monolithic Rails app to SOA using Rails, Redis, and Backbone. Designed and implemented composable APIs and elegant OO design. Developed several frontend JS and CSS modules, pioneering patterns of code reuse within Blurb.


Co-founder 2006-2014

An accidental startup that began life as a side project, borne out of a personal need to organize volunteers for events. Wejoinin has evolved to support thousands of users and organizations, with upwards of 40,000 visitors a month. I designed and developed the site with my cofounder and have supported our customers over the years. Transitioned the site seamlessly from Rails 2 to 3 while backfilling deployment and test automation infrastructure.

g9Labs* Design Studio

Founder 2003-2011

Freelance and passion projects spanning iOS development, Web application development, graphic art and UX design. Recent projects include: a real-time browser-based chat application, social online shopping experience, a mobile music stand for live performances, a collaborative music installation and an interactive Twitter art installation. See my github for some samples of my projects.


Member, Technical Staff 2009-2010

Python and JS full-stack engineer developing browser-based management interfaces across Riverbed’s WAN optimization appliance family. Drove UX design processes within the company with customer interviews; integrated design techniques like sketching, prototyping, user research into team processes.


Software Engineering Intern 2008

Designed and built an OS X Server monitoring application on iPhone. Began with extensive user research and case studies that informed design. Responsible for porting an internal server communication framework from Cocoa to UIKit. Developed an internal Web-based iPhone CalDAV calendaring application.


Lead Developer 2005-2006

Full-stack Rails and Javascript programmer at a social networking startup. Led a four-person development team in planning and execution of site vision and goals. Specialized in scalable, accessible, standards-compliant design. Developed solutions for internationalization challenges involving communication and coordination with an overseas team. Implemented a REST API for third-party apps.


University of California, Berkeley
B.S. Electrical Engineering Computer Science 2004-2008 B.A. Mass Communications