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Many of you have wondered what it’s like daily indulging in the opulence that are the FAQQLY offices. Allow me to take you on a tour.

These are known as cubicles. There are many of them, and they all look the same. Don’t let their similarities to prison cells fool you. They are actually holding pens for geeks.

This is office casual.

Hsiufan and Vicki, earlier in the summer. Note the shoes just chillin’ in the corner.

I, being the senior techie, get my own cubicle. Note the paper clutter on the desk; it is a sure sign of productivity (and they sure help catch any runaway condiments leaking from my Subway sandwiches).

My workspace

(Three computers, four screens and a whole lotta carpal-swivel-neck-syndrome.)

Some whiteboard scrabble:

Whiteboard Talk 1 Whiteboard Talk 2 Whiteboard Talk 3 Don’t let the appearance of ‘fun’ fool you. Dave works us like dogs. We have to, cuz he works pretty hard himself.

Dave can't leave his cubicle. Ever. It’s pretty hard to get this guy out of his cubicle. “Hey, wanna get lunch?” we ask him, and he says, “Sure, in five minutes.” Then about thirty minutes later we finally get to pull him away off his important phone conferences and whatever he does as a Founder Person.

But seriously, it’s been a ton of fun working here, getting tons of good experience, panicking like real people with real responsibilities do, learning how to run a business in a constantly changing market (the solution? work smarter, not harder. and don’t sleep). And we do keep kidding Dave about how he drives us like slaves, but I love the guy. His heart is in the right place, for sure.

The Tech Team says hi.

The tech team says “Hi”.

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