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post-review, git-svn and Review Board

Here’s how to set up the excellent VMware-developed open-source Review Board and its [post-review]( command line review creation utility to work with git and git-svn on your computer.

My assumption is that you’re working with a local Git repository that is remotely linked to an SVN repository via the git-svn bridge. Let’s assume that your master branch is synced with the SVN repository, and you’re working on bug_12345_branch.

  1. Make sure you have RBTools installed (sudo easy_install rbtools for me on Ubuntu Linux), and Review Board set up elsewhere.

  2. Add a link to your Review Board URL in .git/config:

 url = <a href="#">https://(url_for_review_board)/</a>
  1. Make sure all your changes in bug_12345_branch have been locally committed.

  2. post-review -o, and…

  3. Voila! You should have a new review up on your Review Board instance.

  4. (After you get reviews, you can modify bug_12345_branch, pull the changes into master, and then git svn dcommit, blah, blah, blah.)