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A quick update on the art project:

  • I switched from my normal LEDs to “straw hat” wide-angle LEDs. The viewing angle is much better, meaning also that I can get a more diffuse glow @ closer distances so the light comes through better through the paper.

  • I found out my deadline is Sunday so I’m a little stressed.

  • No progress on Arduino/Processing or the Twitter feed. Still have to figure out whether I should use a Bayesian classifier for better fuzzy matching on tweets or if I should just rig the feed with a simple text filter on “I feel ___”. I have a feeling the former is nice in theory but isn’t good enough and the latter is probably best given this short time span.

  • No idea how I’m going to solder the LEDs to the breadboards. Heck, I think my breadboards aren’t even wide enough, meaning I either need to find a larger breadboard or cut one up and paste the two pieces together lengthwise.

  • I still need to find wood to mount/suspend the project.

  • I called around and got some good quotes from print shops. I’m probably going to go with Alameda Copy. Friendly staff, good Yelp review, best price I saw around. I’ll be printing the poster off their oversize printer on a roll of 70lb paper. Quote: $6-8 per sq. foot, color.

  • I’ve made some good progress on the design, though. I think I’m lengthening the poster but decreasing the width. I’ll post more screens if I get a chance.

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”500” caption=”Left: conventional LEDs. Right: straw hat LEDs”]Compare straw hat LEDs with conventional LEDs[/caption]

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”500” caption=”Final design”](Final) Remix[/caption]