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Elixir and Elm things I've written about elsewhere

While it’s been pretty quiet around these parts, I’ve kept the technical blogging up over on my employer’s blog. I’ve got quite a few posts around Elixir:

Lightweight dependency injection in Elixir (without the tears): What are some ways we can use the language features of Elixir to apply small-scale dependency injection patterns, without a ton of ceremony?

Functional Mocks with Mox in Elixir: This post discusses a mocking library in Elixir called mox that adheres to the Elixir Way(tm) of mocking (that is, the usage of fakes or doubles).

Comparing Dynamic Supervision Strategies in Elixir 1.5 and 1.6: In this blog post, I discuss the benefits of the new DynamicSupervisor module in Elixir 1.6 and how it makes the supervision of a dynamically-scaled supervision tree easier to set up.

Finally, I wrote “Taking Elm for a Test Drive” about playing around with Elm, giving my take on the trajectory of the language.

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