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The following are talks that I've given or presented at various events, meetups or conferences:

Fog City Ruby: The Slow-Cooked Side Project

This was a fun talk about my experience building Wejoinin as a side project. Lots of pointers, especially for junior engineers and people looking to get started in the field.

Elixir Daze 2018: Building Beautiful Systems with Phoenix Contexts and DDD

A slightly tweaked version of my Empex talk. Discussing how Phoenix’s Context modules have their design roots in DDD, and giving examples for how one can use DDD principles to design flexible systems!


Empex LA 2018: Building Beautiful Systems with Phoenix

Taking the lessons learned from applying DDD bounded context design patterns in Rails, but applying it to Elixir’s Phoenix framework.

Railsconf 2017: Built to last: A domain-driven approach to beautiful systems

In which I discuss the application of DDD techniques to break up a Rails monolith.


Fog City Ruby (Feb 2017): Highly Cohesive, Loosely Coupled (& Very Awesome)

A discussion on how to design systems that are loosely coupled and highly cohesive. (Feb 2016): Reactive Programming for Couch Potatoes

A gentle primer to reactive programming by way of RxJS and CycleJS.


Carbon Five Talk Night (Oct 2015): DDD-rail Your Monorail

A community talk around applying DDD principles to Rails


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